Software for designing and simulating underground mine ventilation

Aeroset. What is it?
Aeroset is a software application for designing underground mine ventilation and is developed in close cooperation with many ventilation practitioners.

Aeroset has a clear graphical interface, for working with models of ventilation networks and meets all the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation.

Information for Buyers
Mining operations
To develop mine emergency response plan, the program is offered by yearly paid subscription.
Educational institutions
For use in educational activities with no possibility of commercial use, Aeroset is offered for free.
Development and engineering companies
Software is available on by yearly paid subscription. which includes the ability to use all functions of the program for commercial purposes and consulting in the field of ventilation and thermal physics.
For Mine Rescuers
The Aeroset is available free of charge for use in emergency response and containment.

Cost of license for Aeroset

  • 1 year — RUB 88 000
  • 3 years — RUB 189 000
  • 5 years — RUB 276 000

The price of the license includes program updates and technical support.

Try for free
Software developed in Perm by a team from the Mining Institute
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