Aeroset. What is it?

Aeroset is a software application for designing underground mine ventilation and is developed in close cooperation with many ventilation practitioners.

Aeroset provides a user with the following functionality:
  • A quick and easy way to build a ventilation schema.
  • A simple airflow simulator that calculates airflow quantities based on aerodynamic resistances and fan pressures.
  • Automatic processing of ventilation survey data.
  • Estimation of possible airflow deviations caused by inaccuracy of airway resistances.
  • Searching for pathways with recirculation.
  • Optimal control of the main fan’s pressure and regulators’ orifice areas.
  • An advanced airflow simulator that takes into account the temperature and the relative humidity of air, the temperature of rock strata as well as the concentration of a certain gas.
  • Export to Excel.
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